About SanMath

Is it really FREE?
As free as the air you breathe. I believe that the knowledge should be free, unbiased and independent.
I want to integrate it with our software?
SanMath can be easily integrated with any other software. Please send a message with details and I will provide you API access.
How do I report a bug/issue?
Please send an email to san@sanmath.com with screenshots/details.
How do I request a feature in SanMath?
Please send an email. A feature is added only if there are requests from many places.


How can I use it?
You can use it for teaching or assigning homework. You should encourage your students to take practice tests on SanMath
How is it different from other softwares?
SanMath can verify each step. This ensures that students have correct understanding of the concept. Using a calculator does not help.
Does it work on mobile/tablets?
It works on all mobiles, tablets and desktops with internet connectivity.
How do I view report?
When you create a homework, a secure link to view report is sent to your email.


What is the difference between Practice/Quiz?
Practice model allows unlimited attempts while in Quiz mode, number of wrong attempts is limited to 2 for each digits.
What if I exceed the time limit?
The questions after exceeding time limit will not be graded. The questions attempted within the time limit will be added to your score.